Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter '09 in Wimberley

We started a new tradition last year on Easter and that was to go out to Hutto and be with the Bradley's and the Hutton's. This year, we decided we'd ask Joan if we could borrow "Wimberley Wonderland" to celebrate this year and of course, she graciously allowed us to have our Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt out there. She's so wonderful to us!!!

Of course, there were a few missing pieces....Brandi and Hunter, Shelly, Rick and Charlie and Tony and Lori....maybe we can all be back together next year...I sure hope so.

The kids all had a blast, LOVED that the Easter Bunny left them all an egg with a dollar in it and even put their names on the egg so they could know which one was theirs!!! They kids even managed to squeeze some swimming in (with the help of the pool heater!)

Thanks to Mikie for cooking brisket and ribs (which were devoured by Mac and Sebastian before we ever got there!!! MAN the trailer is awesome!!!