Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cutie Cutie

My Cutie Little Mom's Cutie New Haircut. Love it! Thanks to the gals at Ulta she looks precious. I couldn't get her to keep her eyes open to take the picture. Y'all. I tried. I took about 10 pictures and gave up. Anyway, I'm so happy she made the plunge. She's all smiles now!! Well, maybe not ALL smiles...there's still a buncha tears mixed in there too, but I think she feels better about herself. I LOVE it!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lookie Loo Y'all!!

My Daylily bloomed. Aint she purty? And this is the FOURTH bloom!! Love her.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday Photo Favorites #13

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eli's Magic Trick!!!!

Check it out....Eli thought of this ALL by himself!!!!

I've got one talented little 6-year-old on my hands Y'all!!!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Cutest Darn "Haircup"

Is that not the cutest sweetest darn "haircup" technique you've ever seen in all of your life? Thank you to Missy for making us scrumalicious shrimp tacos. Thanks to Riley for giving me so much to smile at. Thank you to the Cooks for having my WHOLE crew over to mess up the living room and bedtime schedules and thanks to Nonie ONCE again for cutting my WHOLE crews' hairs - all 'em....betcha didn't know you were gonna get that lovely surprise once you were all the way up at the Cooks, didja??

New Russell Family Addition

Ms. Kelly bought a "present" for the boys. Thanks Ms. Kelly. Really, they were so very excited and they are really taking good care of him. Meet Vern Russell. The cutest part? Kelly named him before she gave him to the boys. Eli said..."Why is that his name? Can we change it?"

So here starts the joy of having boys in my house that love reptiles...because Y'ALL, do you know what I did Saturday morning? I was watering my plants in the front and along hops a teeny baby lizard and I CAUGHT IT FOR THE BOYS!!! It's teeny. I was proud of me. Never have I put my girlie hands on a reptile, much less two in two days time! Yowza. Anyway, it's a baby lizard and Eli is quite upset because he thinks he should live with his mommy. I tend to agree. Sweet baby Eli.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Very Pleased! VERY Exhausted...

And I'm not even DONE with the kitchen!! But HERE is a peek at my breakfast nook. I was all anxiety-ridden for not. I LOVE THIS Y'ALL. Blue has never been my favorite color, just ask Mom. Growing up everything we owned was blue, but 'cept the olive green fridge and such.

But THIS, THIS blue I can handle. Very soothing, very clean. I'm in love with my nook!! Thanks to all that supported me in my time of distress, even if you didn't agree with me!! Stay tuned for pics of the finished kitchen. Though I've decided I want to paint my cabinets an Espresso Brown color. Heaven help me...and ALL of those that live in my house.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Feel Old...

Just a few current things that make me feel old are:

1.) The fact that my pores are the size of quarters. Is that age?
2.) The fact that my baby brother just turned 35.
3.) The fact that I'll have a third grader and a first grader when school starts next month.

YOU got it...I aint even kidding. Kelly laughed so hard I think she spewed water at me. I think. It was either that or a raindrop, I'm not sure.

Monday, July 21, 2008


What I think of when I think of 35:

1.) Smart
2.) Freckles
3.) Blue Eyes
4.) Kind
5.) Protector
6.) Friend
7.) Artist
8.) Strong
9.) Worldly
10.) Hilarious
11.) Open-Minded
12.) Independent
13.) Tall
14.) Stubborn
15.) Dry Humor
16.) Proud
17.) Generous
18.) Constant
19.) Devoted
20.) Loyal
21.) Fun
22.) Gifted
23.) Handsome
24.) Smarty Farty
25.) Talented
26.) Patient
27.) Affectionate
28.) Quiet
29.) Quick-witted
30.) Caring
31.) Giving
33.) Creative
34.) Brother
35.) Most Treasured Gift

Thirty-five years ago today, I recieved my very first most treasured baby brother. He rocked my world when he came through the doors of the house and my life has been ever-the-better since that special July day. I thought he was born especially for me, my very own gift. He endured a lot growing up with me as his big sister. Thank you for putting up with all my over-the-top mean-ness and moods and crazy sister habits. You are exactly what I would have ordered, could the possibility of ordering a brother for yourself exist. Happy Birthday Sweet Little Brother of Mine!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Remember This?

I don't think I ever could do this when I was growing up. Fisher is good at it, and that one that he did with Eli...the "hoodini" one where you wah-lah the person's hand out of the "trap"...well he EVEN DID IT WITH THE DOG'S HEAD!!! Ha!

Eli, he has not mastered it yet...but he is VERY successful about mimicking his big brother and making fun of him!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It was hot, we were bored...

This is my favorite pic from the weekend. It's one of the only ones I took...I was too busy painting. No, I'm STILL not done. Almost though, almost.

Took the boys to see Kung Fu Panda. Fisher and Eli dug it totally. Nonie and Sullivan fell asleep. Whatta hoot.

Went to dinner with the boys, mom, Mandy and Austin on Friday night. We went to Golden Wok in Pflugerville and then Mandy and Austin came down south for a slumber party. Sullivan spent the night with Mom, Fisher wanted to ride with Mandy, so it was just me and Eli in my car on the way home. Here is how our conversation went:

Eli: So, Nonie is your mom?
Me: Yes.
Eli: So, is Pop (Mandy's dad) your dad?
Me: No, Grandpa is my dad.
Eli: Hm.
Me: Pop is Nonie's brother, you uncle Tony is my brother.
Eli: WHAAAT? So, adults have moms and dads too? Right?
Me: Yeah.
Eli: I don't get all of that. That is weird.
Me: I know.
Eli: So, was Nonie cute like me when she was little?
Me: Yes she was, I'll have to show you a picture of her when she was little.
Eli: So, why do Brandon's earrings stink?

And THAT is how most all of the conversations go in my life.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My B-F-F...

Got to spend the day with one beautiful little lady...
MY B-F-F!!!!

We had so much fun...just like old times when we were kids. We ran around taking pictures, ate some snacks, did a teeny bit of shopping, picked up the Rileyman AND fit in a movie. I didn't want the day to end. Do you have pics of YOUR B-F-F??? Here's a few of my favorites from the day:

Pending permission from Missy, I will have a LAWT of others from the day up on my Flickr website...stay tuned.


See the pics in the post below? I have approximately 20 or so splotches of that same "test" color all over my kitchen and breakfast nook. Mac's part-timer came in yesterday and sat down with us to have some pizza. He said..."Hey, when did y'all do this? It looks cool, I like it."

He's young. He's not so bright either, is he?

I had to tell him that my SIX-year-old thought it was pretty cool too and that it looked like dalmations and wanted me to put puppy stickers up with it too. I think he felt silly after that. Duh.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Help Me, Wouldja????

Okay, I'm looking for a new color for my kitchen. I want to paint it kind of a slate-y blue-ish-y color. Mac says, "Ya mean country blue." I swanny...if he says it one more dang time, I'm gonna pop him upside the country head. NOT country blue. This color...

Is that color okay? And if you think so, does it look okay next to this tan color that I painted the wall next to the kitchen. Honesty is a good thing here folks. Eli thinks we should leave it like this, because it looks "cool like dalmations." Hm.

Anyway, just thought I'd get some help from the dubya dubya. Thanks to ya Internetsters.

How Ya Like Me Now?

Do you like the new face lift?? It's perfectly busy...just like me. My sweet Missy taught me some new tricks to get my BLAWg a new face lift!! Thanks Ladybug!!

Can Y'all believe I haven't posted on my blog in a week? I don't know where my mind has been lately...PERHAPS I've quite possibly taken on too many hobbies?????

I am all about my plants right now...I just can't get enough. And taking pictures, you'd have thought I wasn't interested in anything else...except maybe scrapbooking...OH and the kiddos - ha!! :)

So Mac and I went on a little mini-vacation without the boys this weekend!! We went to Dallas to our dear friend Dean's 40th Surprise Birthday party...only it wasn't a surprise. Whatta turd. Anyway, Mom asked if she could keep the boys for us. Well, duh. Shah....althought I'm not sure she'll be asking to do that again in the next 300 years. Bless her butt.

We had an excellent time and thanks to the Hartnetts for allowing us to stay in their beautiful home and drink and eat all their yummy food and beverages!! We had a BLAST guys!!

I'll try to post more this week - promises, promises...right?

(End note: Thanks to Bob and June for watering my plants to keep them alive and kicking did a much better job than Mac while I was out of town - you're the BEST!!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunday Photo Favorites #12

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sometimes... just wanna jump in the tinsel at Hobby Lobby and be silly, dontcha?

(Lauryn at Hobby Lobby, without permission from Dada! :)

Especially went they have that sorta decoration out in JULY people!! I was so mad today because they are putting away the gardening stuff at GARDENridge to make way for Christmas stuff. GOOD GRAVY.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In Case You Were Sitting on the Edge of Your Seat...

Here are the pictures of what was planted and re-planted this weekend:
Zinnias - my favorites from the day of planting...and Fisher too... SO colorful. NOW, if I can just keep them from wilting!! Do you see the cutie little wagon I got at Hobby Lobby??? ALL of their garden stuff is 50% off right now!!!

This is a Day Lily that will supposedly bloom Scarlet!! I can't wait!! Mom re-potted this one for me!!


This is from a seed pod from one of my existing Pentas....It's doing GREAT!!

Don't know what these are called, but got some purple ones too. Transferred them into hanging baskets and put them on my new hanging plant holder I got at Hobby Lobby for $9.00 each!!!

Planted her in the ground. Can't remember what she's called, but she looked a little "spicy", so I made her home near the peppers!! :)

Speaking of Pepper, here's the Jalapeno and Tomato plants!!

Remember my little Hollyhock seeds I planted??? Here they are...they are doing quite well, them and the vine seeds my mother-in-law gave me are about the only things that survived!!

And here are those tiny baby vines from seeds I was talking about above. Missy...these are what I gave you!! They are supposed to have a purple bloom on them sometime...we'll see!!

Sun Impatience (sp?) - pretty, huh?

Sun Impatience also planted in this pot and put in my new garden stake from Hobby Lobby for $ LIKE IT DONTCHA?

I LOVE it!! Mac made a funny look when I stuck it in our front yard, but do you KNOW how many compliments I've had on it already? Plus, Mac would stick a fishing pole in the yard and fly a kite from it and call it "yard art" wouldn't he???

It's not Moss Rose, but it' me out here. I know the name, I just can't recall it right now.

Relocated my Wandering Jew to the ground. It kept threatening my vine that it was planted with. There's another one at the other end of the bed.

And last but certainly not least. Finally got some Lantana. LOVE it!!

And, I'll spare you the pics of the dead things I've relocated and re-potted to try and save. Does anyone have a Baker's Rack they are wanting to get rid of? I need one!! Whew that was a long post...sorry. And a LONG day it was too. I might have gotten a little bitta sun poisoning?? :)