Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Babies

Look at ALL these people that I love that were born in January!! If I missed you...well, I suck. Just let me know so I can know how BAD I suck!! Happy Birthday January Babies!!!

Amelia Griffin

Pop (aka Uncle Ernie)

Mom (aka Nonie)

Riley Cook

Rachael Hembree

Gage Hembree

Reed Routh

Lauryn Ward

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kelly and Sebastian

Monday, January 26, 2009

France 2009

Missy says that I must do some explaining about my France and Germany pictures. I really don't have much to say other than it was quite beautiful and breaktaking. The history of Europe comsumes your every breath. I am so not an historian type of person and I couldn't tell you the names of any of the places we went, only that it was unlike any place or feeling I've ever known. We only had a couple of days surrounding the wedding, so Kelly and Sebastian took us to Strassbourg, France and Baden Baden, Germany. Both were about an hour train ride from Sebastian's home in Karlsruhe, Germany. The train ride Stepping off the train, walking down the streets, drinking the port wine, eating the crusty bread and drinking the vassa with gas (bubbly water),sharing it with good friends and a wonderful husband, walking to the pubs, crunching snow beneath our feet, wearing coats and gloves and scarves and hats, listening to all the different accents and laughter...these are the things I will remember forever. I'm sorry friends, I can't explain or name the is the church, here is a steeple, look at these buildings, pose with these people. Forever memories.

Germany 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fisher Gets Roped

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Animals at the Farm...

...go Neigh Neigh Neigh, Bark, Bark, Bark, Neigh, Neigh, Neigh...

Happy New Year...I know, I'm a LITTLE late!

I pulled my camera out a little too late, but still got some cute shots. Thanks guys, we had a great time!!

I FORGOT Christmas, Y'all!!!!!

Tha Girls

Wow. I had a great time doing this shoot, but let me just tell you...I was QUITE wiped out by the end of it! Five 13-year-old girls. HOLY toledo!! Afterwards, I turned my face to heaven and thanked God in Heaven Above for blessing me with 3 crazy boys. He knew what he was doing alright! Thanks for a great time girls!! You are all so very pretty. P.S. Happy 14th Birthday Ashton...hope you enjoyed the pictures!!